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10   /   24   /   2020

This three story shore home is designed for extravagance; high vaulted ceilings, two-car garage, and a rooftop deck will take you and your guests breath away! With spaces designed to be open and beachy.   

Historical cues along with the personality of our client set the stage for the discovery of this luxury coastal manor! Encompassing 3,551 square feet of living space, this luxurious Single-Family oceanfront offers a sense of invitation. Permanence and connection to the earth is evoked by setting the home on a natural stone base. Located directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, a two-story open East facing porch provides breathtaking views over the top of the sandy dunes. Large openings along with an open concept design invite the sea air in allowing the breeze to flow through the home un-impeded. The third story contains a master suite that is the envy of anyone that visits! A spacious roof deck provides commanding 360-degree views of the surrounding area. The architectural components suggest a sense of refined familiarity. Great attention has been paid to every detail!


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